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Maple is an international media company
specializing in exceptional digital advertising.
Using advanced self-developed technologies,
we offer out front solutions in two arenas:
Performance-Based Marketing and Effective Online Presence.

About Maple

About Maple

Maple has excelled in digital marketing since 2009.

We offer online media solutions for leading platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, Email Marketing – as well as advanced Lead Generation services.

Our advantages – Proprietary full-service technology, super-smart segmentation and optimization capabilities, and customized dashboards offering deeper marketing insights.

A combination of our professional product teams and powerful technologies enables Maple to achieve outstanding results.

Maple is headquartered in Israel, with partners in the United States, Australia, Germany, Spain, Greece, South Africa, UK, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Portugal, Romania, the Netherlands, Brazil and Uruguay.

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A-Z lead generation solution

Lead Generation

  • Production
    • Designated lead generation landing pages
    • Advanced A/B testing and optimization tools
    • Production – Banners, E-mail messages, text ads
  • Media
    • Variety of media sources – Search, Display, Social, Mobile, Email Marketing
    • Media planning - Based on client goals
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive live clients dashboard
    • Full integration to client’s CRM systems
  • Quality
    • Human verification – by Call center
    • Text verification - by SMS
    • Leads to sell reverse tracking system

Maple Performance

Performance Based Marketing
A-Z lead generation solution

Advanced Media Buying Solutions


  • Technology - A robust API Facebook campaign management platform
  • Optimization - Advanced segmentation and optimization algorithms – Goals, Placement, Devices, Segments
  • Reporting - Live campaign platform with extensive Social marketing insights


  • Technology - Revolutionary YouTube campaign management platform
  • Optimization - Advanced segmentation and optimization algorithms – Demographic, Time based, Frequency, Device
  • Reporting- Live campaign platform with extensive video marketing insights


  • Complete Google solution - Search, Display, Remarketing
  • Unique keywords targeting methodology
  • Optimization- extensive targeting optimization capabilities – Demographics, Interest, Contextual, Site
  • Reporting - Live campaign platform with extensive keywords/Segments marketing insights

Maple Presence

Fresh Media Presence
Advanced media buying solutions

Our Technology

Smart. Flexible. User friendly.

The Maple platform supports high volume and multi-channel media buying

(Social, Search, Display, Video, Performance), giving advertisers full control and flexibility.

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Our Technology

Maple Technology
Multi channels - Maple platform enables centralized control and optimization of the main media channels - Social, Search, Display, Video, Performance
SCALE – The Maple platform supports high volume campaigns in different countries, languages and exchange rates
Benefits for Advertisers
Control – Centralized live dashboard allows transparency and control over media budgets
Marketing Insights – The Maple platform allows advertisers real-time insights over campaign performance, target audiences and creative
Results - Maple optimization systems allow measurable, effective and performance driven campaign management

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The Team

Meet the people behind the magic



Department Managers


Maple Partners

Australia | South Africa | Thailand | Brazil | Greece | Italy | Poland | Serbia | UK | Spain | France | India

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  • Campaign manager - Facebook/Google/YouTube Departments

    • At least one year's experience in managing PPC campaigns
    • Analytical and technology-oriented
    • Fluent English
    • Experience in managing PPC campaigns on other platforms (AdCenter, Yandex) - an advantage

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  • Programmer – R&D Department

    • Excellent knowledge with server-side technologies: PHP, MySQL
    • Excellent knowledge with client side technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
    • At least two years’ experience • Experience in OO and PHP Framework - an advantage
    • Familiarity with Linux servers - an advantage

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  • Account manager – Account Management Department

    • A basic understanding of digital media
    • Technology oriented
    • At least one year's experience in an advertising agency

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